Why QiXuan?
Why QiXuan?

NDA Contract

QiXuan can sign NDA with your company. We understand it’s important to keep confidential and trade secret information for our customers.

Why QiXuan?

Advanced Equipment

Panasonic & Yamaha automatic high-speed precision placement machines, German ERSA vacuum reflow soldering & Selective wave soldering.

Why QiXuan?

Original Parts Sourcing

Electronic components from big trader or original manufacturers. Distributors such as Avnet, Arrow, Master, Digi Key, Mouser and so on.

Why QiXuan?

Quality Control

99.9% pass rate of mass production. Implement of IPC-A-610E CLASS II and CLASS III.

Why QiXuan?

Professional Team

Easy communication, fast response, offer cost-effective solution for you.

Why QiXuan?

Free Engineering Technology Support

QiXuan can offer free support when you meet some engineering issue.

Why QiXuan?

DFM Services

Your circuit boards will be more practical and cost effective after our engineers work with you.

Why QiXuan?


ISO9001, ISO13485, IATF16949 passed and implement IPC-A-610E standard.

Why QiXuan?

Free Sample Fee

Sample fee can be refunded after mass production. No set-up charge, no stencil fee.

What We Do

Shenzhen Qixuan Shichuang Co., Ltd. is a national enterprise specializing in SMT, DIP, testing, assembly and electronic product processing and EMS. The company has a group of strength engineering teams and electronic component procurement teams accumulated over ten years. Automatic printing machine, automatic placement machine, reflow soldering, automatic wave soldering and other advanced electronic product processing equipment; the company's plant area is 16,000 square meters, more than 350 front-line employees, more than 4 years of work experience on the production line The production staff is up to 90%; experienced and well-produced. At present, SMT4 new JUKI line, daily standard capacity of 4 million points; 4 hand-inserted lines, daily standard capacity of 2.5 million points; 2 assembly and packaging lines; equipped with solder paste detector, offline AOI, ICT tester, etc. The company has a strong and high-quality technical management team. The company has rich experience in PCBA design and manufacturing, .......

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PCB Assembly Service

QiXuan offers fast and efficient prototypes assembly to reduce design cycle time, Contributes Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Testability (DFT) recommendations to improve manufacturability of the product, which ultimately reduces time to market.

PCB Making Service

QiXuan offers High-Mix-Low volume, Prototype and Mass production PCB fabrication service, for rigid, flexible and High Density boards.The factory outputs over 30000 ㎡/month & PCB are widely used for fields of telecom, industrial control, medical equipment, automotive...

FPC Making Service

FPCs are generally installed bent, folded or twisted, and are primarily used to replace wiring, connectors and antennas, then gradually to be the Flex-rigid PCBs aminated with rigid PCBs, now in widely use throughout the electronics industry. In response to market requirements, Fulltronics becomes a prototype-to-production Flex and rigid-flex PCB supplier. With its growing stronger core HDI technology in combination with flexible printed circuit boards, Fulltronics also provides high density interconnect (HDI) Rigid-flex PCBs.


  1. Review order
  2. Inspect PCBs and auditing parts.
  3. Design and manufacturer SMT stencil(s) if PCB has SMT components.
  4. Program pick and place machines to populate PCBs with SMT components.
  5. Design thermal profile for PCBs.
  6. Perform a visual and AOI inspection on each PCB. X-ray every leadless device (e.g. BGA and QFN).
  7. Machine wash assembled PCBs with deionized water. Water soluble is our standard flux. Assembled PCBs with no-clean flux are not machine washed.
  8. Insert through-hole component(s) if applicable.
  9. Program selective soldering machine and solder through-hole components.
  10. Perform a final QC inspection.
  11. Perform functional test if applicable.
  12. Package and ship assembled PCBs with any remaining material.

Global supply of components

We have partnered with the leading electronic component suppliers to ensure that parts for your PCB assembly are readily available at a competitive cost and in our facility when needed.

Our responsive supply chain solutions are optimized for agility and flexibility to ensure that we are ready when your PCB assembly requirements change.

With the ultimate goal of transparency, we encourage open communication with our customers and suppliers in order to create mutual understanding and trust in this ever-changing global market.

Factory Scale


Our strength

  • 15 Years

    The path of QiXuan Electronics

  • 390 People

    Executives and employees of QiXuan

  • 200000

    Annual PCB Production Area

  • 99%

    On Time Delivery

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